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Akio MiyazawaU-ench Saisei Jigyodan

Playwright, Director, Writer, Leader of U-ench Saisei Jigyodan

Born in Shizuoka in 1956. In the Nineties he started work with his company U-ench Saisei Jigyodan, gathering casts per staging, and won the Kishida Kunio Drama Award in 1993 for "Hinemi". After producing dozens of works over ten years he went on a three-year hiatus from 2000. He began his new period of work with a play-video-performance collaboration "Tokyo Body" (2003) and "Tokyo/Absent/Pamphlet" (2005), as well as directing a series of contemporary Noh plays at the Setagaya Public Theatre. He also writes novels, essays and criticism, as well as teaches at the School of Culture, Media and Society at Waseda University. He was nominated for the 1999 Akutagawa Prize and also won the 21st Ito Sei Literature Award for Criticism. He staged "Total Living: 1986-2011" for F/T11.

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